John Osborn 

609 North Ellis Avenue

Dunn, NC 28334



Retirement date 3-1- 2001, 1SG, U.S. Army (block 18 /DD214)

Current SECRET clearance, previously held TS/SCI/SI-TK (U.S. Army)

Special Forces Qualification Course 3-83

Special Forces Instructor Qualification Course

Special Forces Training Development Workshop Course

10th SFG (A) Small Atomic Demolition Munitions (SADM), Special Weapons Course

10th SFG (A) Strategic Reconnaissance Course

Special Forces Spanish Language Course

Special Forces Operations and Intelligence Sergeant Course

Special Operations Target Interdiction Course (sniper)

Special Forces Advanced Special Operations Techniques Course (level 3,1999)

Delta Force - OTC 18, assigned to C squadron upon graduation (DEC-1986)

DOD “High Risk Survival” SV91A level C SERE

DIA Counter Terrorism Analysis Course

DIA Advanced Counter Terrorism Analysis Course

DIA Advanced Counter Terrorism Seminar for senior managers

USSOCOM Data Collection System Course (RST)

HALO / Scout swimmer / Maritime Operations / Cross Country Skiing

Hand to Hand Combat 

Communications,  medical

Breaching (explosive / thermal / mechanical / ballistic)

U.S. D.O.S. Munitions Manufacturers License and Louisiana Explosive Users License


2017-present, Security / Training / Management Consultant

2015-2016, Technical Consultant, Program Manager for U.S. Army SERE contract solicitation, Tec-Masters Inc.

2011-2015, Conceptualization and implementation of specialized defensive taskings, for off-shore, petroleum platforms, as required for an American intermediary, located in Central America.

2009-2010, Industrial vulnerability assessments, casualty forecasts, and technical design for Chemical Security Consultants of Houston, Texas

2008, ASO contractor, Lead Instructor, and Contract Representative, Integrated Directives Incorporated

2006- 2007, Recovery from service connected kidney transplant

2005, ASO contractor, Sytex. Contract sniper instructor. Primary CRT/CQB instructor, USIS in Iraq. 

2002-2004, DOS-ATAP / ACRT

Contract Lead instructor and chief of curriculum development for advanced counter-terrorist commando training to: Bosnia-Herzegovina, Columbia, Egypt, Georgia, Greece, Israel, Kazakhstan, Morocco, Philippines and Turkey for Science Applications International Corporation. DOD ASO instructor. Contract Sniper instructor to numerous law enforcement agencies.

2001-2002, DOS-ATAP / CRT

Contract CQB, Vehicle Assault, and Sniper instructor to national asset, foreign CT forces. Science Applications International Corporation 

1999-2000, Team Sergeant, C-1-1 SFG (A) Torii Station, Okinawa.

ODA-137, a 12-man Regional Survey Detachment responsible for the production of classified contingency support documents and Crisis Response Element duties in PACOM.

1996-1999, First Sergeant, A-2-1st SWTG (A) Fort Bragg, NC

Responsible for the daily supervision of 73 NCOs who comprised the cadre of ASOT, SERE, INTAC and AIQC, additional duties included acting command sergeant major for 2nd Battalion, 1st Special Warfare Training Group. Independent Contractor in support of U.S. GOV’T.

1995-1996, NCOIC, SERE / RTL, Camp MacKall, NC

Responsible for the daily supervision of 43 NCOs that provided classified instruction to DOD.

1994-1995, RTL instructor, Camp MacKall, NC

Provided classified instruction to DOD.

1986-1994, Operator, 1st SFOD-D, Fort Bragg, NC

Served as sniper, assistant sniper team leader, sniper team leader, research and development sergeant major and unit SME for sniping. 

1983-1986, Heavy Weapons Sergeant (ODA 062) C-2-10 SFG (A), Fort Devens, MA.

Primary custodian of BY154 (MOD1) .2 kiloton small atomic demolition munitions for direct action option, additional duties included strategic reconnaissance and unconventional warfare.

1982-1983, Student, SFQC, 1st SWTG (A) Fort Bragg, NC

1981-1982, Airborne Infantry / Anti Armor, Company E-505, 3rd Brigade, 82 ABN DIV

1980-1981, Initial entry, Fort Benning GA.

DOB, 7-13-62

H/W, 74” / 235

2 each (De-classified) 4 Star, Letters of Commendation, Stiner / Schwarzkopf

DA-1613 permanent filing of classified action in the Restricted, National Archives


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