Research and Development

Weapons / Ammunition / Equipment

Design, Evaluation, Program Management

Here are some of  the R+D programs I initiated, wrote the requirements for and supervised in the past. Repeated acceptance testing for 250,000 round lots of Tier 1 sniper ammunition. Load development of numerous and varied Tier 1 small arms ammunition.The first quick attaching, "clip-on suppressor" for the M-4 rifle. The original upgrade to 300 WINMAG for the U.S. Army M-24. The original upgrade to the Sierra 220 grain bullet for the U.S. Army 300 WINMAG program. The transition from PVS-4A to the Simrad KN200/250 night optic. The first installation of a night vision optic on the Barret .50 rifle in the U.S. Army.  The Kydex holster with Sure-Fire light provision. The first lead-free operational ammunition in U.S. Army history. Ceramic engine blocks for special operations vehicles. Quick attaching combination light/laser designator, and  quick attaching  combination IR/visible laser sight. Advanced small arms propellant. Personnel incapacitation devices. Frangible small arms ammunition. Invented-copyrighted the first fully functional ballistic system for operational snipers in the world. Non-standard communications equipment. Field expedient calculation methods for internal combustion engines etc.

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