Counter Terrorism Support

This program was designed to dramatically improve the  efficiency and effectiveness of any unit with a counter-terrorism mission, from training a single operator, to creating an entire operational counter-terrorist unit.   In addition to true counter-terrorist operator capabilities we provide an intimate knowledge of funding requirements, the research and development process, intelligence collection and analysis, effective liaison with other entities, and the logistical support required for mission planning and success.

I began work as an independent contractor in 1997, four years before retiring from the U.S. Army. The first group I ever trained were from the Israeli Army, and I was offered a job by their Sergeant Major after their first hour of training.  After retiring from the service, I worked part-time for a large defense contractor, and due to my demonstrated ability, was assigned the task of creating the most aggressive counter-terrorist training ever offered to foreign countries by our government.

I supervised the instructor certification, curriculum development and training for ten national-level foreign counter-terrorist teams, without a single safety incident or injury, and always meeting every training objective. This dramatically improved their mission capability and resulted in their effectively neutralizing  numerous terrorists / terrorist networks in their respective countries. 

We are available to assist law enforcement agencies, and specialized private security, throughout the United States. All personnel involved in the acquisition of this training as well as those in attendance will be required to sign non-disclosure agreements.  During the initial contact, a thorough assessment  and inspection of unit personnel, equipment and training will be conducted. The degree of demonstrated proficiency will be documented at this time, and a training plan provided to the supervising official. Upon approval by the supervisor, the training will be scheduled, at the agencies location, and may be concurrent as required. Training will only be conducted in a "line of duty" capacity, and the client agency is solely responsible for their own facilities / medical / EOD coverage.

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